refraction, vb2012

the arsenale venezia / italia / 2012 / installation

Communication often gets interpreted anyway. Perceptions created, stretching thoughts away from the origin. It drifts away from the origin axis even without manipulation.Interpretation varies depending on a certain medium, therefore it diverts through refraction. Say, through the existence of liquid intoxication serving as a catalyst, effects get distorted, perceptions are inflated, scales become contradictory, emotions get exaggerated, illusions exonerated. Faster than ever.

A temporarily different state of mind is entered, leading to a different direction and reaction in attitude and believe, it calls out and suggests. A state of hallucination is being formed through spatial volume, a state of weightlessness begins.

A refraction occurs.

‘Refraction, which looks like a plastic box of steps (and illusions of steps), is the result of Ng Khuen Keat’s musings on how a structure can reflect an intoxicated state with distorted effects, inflated perceptions and contradictory scales. However, it is uncertain if sober residents would end up feeling dizzy inside!’ – Andrew Sia, the star, 23 july 2012