dspc resort village

don sahong / laos / 2020 / completed

The programs of these villas were referenced heavily to the Laotian village vernacular simply because it’s relevant. We factored in a generous patio to the front + a terrace/balcony to the rear facing the Mekong. Wide frontage + programs usually placed lateral by the road + juxtaposed almost haphazardly. We positioned each villa to the edge of the slope for that perpetual overhanging feel. The bedrooms were zoned to both wings of the living and dining, as simple as that, modular enough for the contractors to build. This village, which overlooks the powerhouse, the viewing deck + the reservoir of the Mekong, is now so talked about thru-out the country, has emerged as a model project. The old trees were aggressively defended to be retained + we are so glad that they are still around today