kuala lumpur / malaysia / 2015 / completed

Originally, the house is sunken below the street level, compressed but filled with fond childhood memories of the owner. This house pays tribute to the lost appreciation for a pure space which does not submit to the ever-precious definitions concocted by materialistic real-estate-related temptations. Therefore, this project attempts to enrich and transform, through volume addition of open transitional spaces, decks or activities instead of rooms, halls and boxed up spaces. This conscious endeavor transforms a previously ‘below road level’ house to one which has a meaningful space without creating a mass by marrying the surroundings to form and frame certain imperitives to a whole new envelope.

framing the KL skyline, framing the core, framing an integral space

/ the edge haven, publication, issue 75 oct/nov 2015
/ architecture malaysia

/ shortlisted, pam awards 2015
/ honorary mention/single house category, the edge mydreamhome 2015
/ gold award/single house category, pam-homedec 2015