angkor stretch

phnom penh / cambodge / 2016 / completed

Angkor Stretch, is an integrated office + logistics facilities for a prominent Cambodian beverage. Apart from exemplifying the iconic ancient complex the name carries, it addresses the historically steep, perpetually congested Russian Boulevard. It is transparent at street level, visually linking the chaotic boulevard with an oasis, but at the top, it forms an origamic appearance of an abstract floating cloud offering motorists a surreal contemplation. Due to the adjacent airport’s stringent height control, the programs + workflows are organized in a continuous horizontal curvilinear fashion. This strategy is efficient, enables all corners to be visually linked, optimize interaction, communication + connectivity. Coupled with a hip industrial setting, the vast open spaces, volumes and loading decks are transformable into entertainment event spaces meant to re-invigorate the whole hub after working hours, rendering it ‘sleepless’.

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/ honorable mention, Architectural Design, The American Architecture Prize 2017
/ listed, WAN Awards 2015, Metal in Architecture
/ finalist, The Plan Award 2016,
/ finalist, top20, Architecture Asia Awards for Emerging Architects 2016